NRC - Wek de plant in je hart tot leven

A review in the newspaper NRC! Wek de plant in je hart tot leven is about Marielle Videler's solo exhibition; 365 PLANTS, presented by Hartwig Art Foundation and Casco Art Institute. Correspondent Lucette ter Borg visited the exhibition for NRC newspaper.

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Happy 2023

Happy new year! Marielle made a wish for you wrapped in a short & colourful animation.

Watch it here


Let the INSECTS sing to the ENERGY! Big INSECTS appear, in spring 2022, Marielle started a new magical journey with a duration of one year. She makes gouache based on pigment from old vineyards and paints the 365 INSECTS with her fingers. 16 May 2023 is the final day of the 365 INSECTS project.

This work is part of the ongoing project Reconstructing the Senses; 365 BIRDS, 365 PLANTS, 365 INSECTS.

Image: studio view, work in progress.



The ongoing initiative HUMUS presents its second edition: FIREWOOD. We gather in a small nature reserve in the southeast of Amsterdam: De Ruige Hof. A fire ritual is performed while the sun reaches its highest point: zenith. Then we walk with the group, through the suburbs and green wedges, to the center of the city.


Viervaart - workperiod

Marielle Videler is artist-in-residence 2023 @ Viervaart, Groede, NL. From February to May she works on a new project: Take me where it hurts. Marielle develops an imaginary world in which the intertwined life of organisms and a number of contemporary ecological dilemmas / threats are central. To make this visual journey, Marielle enlists the help of a group of imaginary organisms. The exhibition in Viervaart project space opens on May 6, 2023 and can be visited all summer.

This art program is supported by the Mondriaan Fund.

365 BIRDS - TV

Great to share the project, 365 BIRDS, on TV. The day of the shoot, Marielle Videler drew her bird directly in front of the camera. The program, Iedereen Verlicht (Everyone Enlightened), shares personal stories form people that are spiritually concerned with improving themselves and the world.

Watch it here

Silent Land

Marielle presents a new series of seven drawings and the triptych The secrets are in the plants in the group show Silent Land. An exhibition presented by Lumen Travo Gallery; featuring the work of Razia Barsatie (SR), Monali Meher (IND), Otobong Nkanga (NG) and Marielle Videler (NL).
The secrets are in the plants was created parallel to the project 365 PLANTS. The tapestries are based on drawings, thoughts, developed during the research of that project. The equal digital cut, brown, frames contrast with the multi-layered, colourful and very detailed craft by the artist.

This show will be running until 17 December 2022.
Lumen Travo Gallery, Amsterdam.


An collection of texts about Marielle Videler's work will appear here around July 2023.


Parool - Elke dag een nieuwe vogel

Every day a new bird; headlines the article in newspaper Parool about Marielle Videler’s Bird Bath exhibition at Lumen Travo Gallery.

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Bird Bath - SOLO

The exhibition Bird Bath is OPEN! For a year, every day of 2019, Marielle Videler worked on the project 365 BIRDS. And at the same time she developed a microclimate on her balcony of Artist House especially for the little birds. She captured the artistic research in the shadow of these two projects in a series of words that she embroidered by hand on several layers of pink and red colored fabric. Launch: public program Bird Club.
29 Februari - 11 April 2020 @ Lumen Travo Gallery, Amsterdam.

Documenation - Bird Bath

Mister Motley - De vogels eten gierst, de mensen ideeen

An article in the MISTER MOTLEY! Art about birds by Marielle Videler. Correspondent Jesse Lemmens visited Marielle Videler's Bird Bath solo exhibition at Lumen Travo Gallery. His article provides a detailed insight into the social and historical background of the Bird Bath project, Bird Club and the making of the installation 365 BIRDS.

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365 Plants - SOLO

The exhibition 365 PLANTS is open! Hartwig Art Foundation and Casco Art Institute present a large white wall that cuts through the space: fragile paper plants seem to float around it. The two sides of the wall, each representing half a year, clearly differ. With every new day the expression of the plants grew. 365 PLANTS is the outcome of a year-long collection of intricate, almost extraterrestrial plants that Marielle Videler created not by looking or thinking of a plant, but by using small scissors and black ink to slowly sense the plant. Exhibition 365 PLANTS is open till 19 december 2021.

Documenation - 365 PLANTS


Marielle Videler is invited to show her installation 365 BIRDS and the public program Bird Club at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Belgrade, Serbia. Her works are part of the group exhibition OVERVIEW EFFCT. And she made a Serbian edition of the 365 BIRDS stamp especially for this exhibition.
Museum of Contemporary Art, Belgrade, Serbia, October 2nd 2020 - September 20th 2021.

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