Installation Parque
Kunstvereniging Diepenheim, exhibition Onschuld (Innocence)


detail installation, video stil, duration 4:15 min

Central to Parque is a hunting dance performed by Mariëlle Videler. An exercise, entitled the dance of Diana, who punishes those who take to brutally from nature. The dance consists of three parts: 'preparation', 'around the campfire' and 'to hunt'.

Although a vegetarian herself, Mariëlle Videler investigates hunting and wonders what motivates people to kill an animal and how they perform the ritual. The shape of Parque is inspired on a space for the hunting feast: Turé. It is celebrated by different groups of first peoples from Brazil and takes place between September and November, when the rain is scarce. The feast, involving much dancing and singing, is performed for the invisible people. They appear only to the shaman, in the form of plants and animals.

The installation includes wood, gold cord, yarn, teasels, motor, shoes, video, feathers and seeds of fruits recently eaten. Dimensions of the exhibition space: 9.7 x 7.1 x 3.25 meters. Important element is the gold cord square knot (weiknoop in Dutch). A popular knot the macramé technique, before centuries a knot for a bag for hunting, the shot animal remained fresh through the openings between the knots.
Photo: Rik Klein Gotink