Visual artist Mariëlle Videler is selected for a work period at FLORA ars+natura in Bogotá, Colombia. FLORA is a space for contemporary art that specializes in the relationship between art and nature and hosts one of the permanent foreign guest studios of the Dutch Mondriaan Fund. With this blog Mariëlle Videler will share her experiences and work process.
Videler will stay half a year in Bogotá. Her work time will be devoted to the study of the cultures of the first peoples of Colombia and the way in which knowledge is transferred in / through these cultures. By doing this research, from the urban area of Bogotá, Videler wants to connect two worlds: the world of city dwellers living in an extractive economy, detached from the sources of nature, and the world of the indigenous people, for whom nature is part of a spiritual world.

In her work, as in her daily life, Mariëlle Videler explores a conceptual model in which man coexists with animals and nature. In her installations, objects, drawings, videos and performances Videler is in search of an aesthetic contesting the dominant modalities of our culture. In this creative process, she is profoundly influenced by the ritual and visual culture of indigenous people. These populations survive, knowing that everything – plants, animals, humans and other life forms – is connected and interdependent. What if art can make these two worlds meet; challenging the public with small interventions and new insights?

The Good, The Bad and The Seeds is supported by the Mondriaan Fund.