Crafted tree bark is one of the oldest textile forms produced by different indigenous communities around the world. It is used to make small pieces of cloth. In Colombia this material is made from a rainforest tree bark called Yanchama. The bark is cut, soaked, hit with a flat instrument, and than different layers of fibres are placed crosswise on top of each other. After drying it can be painted with natural pigments. One of the places where you can get this material in Colombia is Leticia in the Amazonas. ‘You should go there, it is easy’: said the coordinator from FLORA. This idea created a flow of thoughts: what is the a necessity to go there, can you watch the process, or even participate in the harvest of the tree bark, should you be aware of any male and female division of trade, how would this travel be different from going shopping? By change, the next day, a piece of Yanchama came to the table. It was purchased in a tourist shop in Leticia.