Photo: Joke Backx



Twisting Maria

performance and costume, museum night, Stedelijk Museum, ’s-Hertogenbosch

Twisting Maria is a performance inspired by a traditional celebration at the end of the harvest time. The harvested grain would be blessed and mixed with the seeds of the winter wheat, only than it could be sown. The performance took place in the middle of the first high room of the museum.
The performer, Mariëlle Videler, stood still in a frozen position on a small round stage. Her hair straight up, tied to a long metal tube (3.50 meter) and connected to an electric motor. A visitor activated the performer / motor by moving the entrance ticket over a sensor. The short soundtrack began to play; a spotlight went on and the motor started turning. Slowly she followed the circular motion and bended her arms into the next position.
The performance ended after two and a half hour by cutting her hair.

Soundtrack: Jan van den Dobbelsteen


Photo: Joke Backx
Photo: Joke Backx