Blinded Resident is an art project that researches forms of movement, travel and exchange. Central to this project are encounters between Moroccan and Dutch women. It is a study of perception and identity, and the role that signs and textile patterns play in it: a visual research on the patterns of the Amazigh culture.
Blinded Resident is a sequel to
Blinded Tourist (2010) a journey undertaken in an installation, a handmade settlement, in art space W139, Amsterdam. The artist, Mariëlle Videler, beliefs in pluralism and by taking the position of a traveller she attempts to create a view from the inside.

In the first part of the project Mariëlle Videler traveled to Morocco without seeing the country and stayed in an isolated place in Tamdaght, with a family at home in a 17th-century kasbah. By leaving image behind, exceeding this limit, she wants to open up new possibilities of a different order. By covering her eyes outdoors she concentrates on listening, smelling, feeling, tasting and meetings indoor. Through this way of traveling she wants to stands still, zoom in and give all her attention during the meetings.

Straight from Morocco, again blindfolded, she traveled to the Pomgemaal in Den Helder for the continuation of Blinded Resident. The Pompgemaal is a guest studio of the Mondriaan Fonds and located on the edge of vast and protected dunes of Den Helder. In 2008 the Mondriaam Fonds has, together with the municipality of Den Helder refurbished this typical early 20th century water pump station and adapted the station as a residence and workspace for artists. During the two month work period at the Pompgemaal Mariëlle Videler created the installation “A New Carpet For The Sultan”.


Blinded Resident is supported by an anonymous fund and the Mondriaan Fund.

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